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When I was in high school, I had little ideas about the future. The simple question: “What do you want to be?” was constantly on the back of my mind. But the answers were consistently vague.

At an early stage in life everyone’s mind will be boggled to answer this. A question to test one’s ambition at a young age and hopefully force out a coherent answer. From our adolescent years, we are obliged to face the most decisive choices of our lives, where we want to study, what we want to achieve, who we want to be? The decisions people make in pursuit of their dream careers, at such a young age, will be decisive for the remainder of their lives.

And this is where we come into the picture.

What we do?

At Times International, we are a digital media platform from Denmark and Hungary, providing youth consultancy through our publications. We aim to guide our followers and readers through the information we share on education, technology and global initiatives. We believe that modern day education systems sometimes fail to provide the practicalities needed for young people to merge with what is expected on the job market. On that note, we wish to provide some insight into educational measures, career possibilities and money making ideas.

Our aim is to guide and consult all those young people wanting to know how to make the most out of their studies in high school, university and even afterwards. How to get into the best universities and what is waiting for you there? We look into ways on how to become self-sufficient and steadily built a strong virtual portfolio for future references. We even help all those who are fresh graduates or interns ahead of their first employment and set ground for all the opportunities and setbacks of several multinational firms and SMEs.

On top of that, we work in close collaboration with several youth societies, NGOs and non-profit groups, to introduce and represent them and the opportunities they provide for the general public.

What we offer our readers?

We are here to help. As a growing, international organisation, our goal is develop interesting and beneficial content for our readers on topics regarding:

  1. Education possibilities provided across the world, scholarships, programs and their benefits / downsides
  2. How to build an online profile to strengthen career prospects and become more visible to companies and enterprises looking for your specific skills
  3. Make money using only a laptop and wifi. Fresh graduates and students have a tough time finding desk jobs. We wish to provide insight into how to make money while unemployed through Google Adsense, WordPress blogs, Affiliate marketing, Youtube Patreons and many more.
  4. How to get into your dream university, which institutions provide what type of education system? We look into certain disciplines and share what programs, opportunities and courses are available that best suits your needs.
  5. How to prepare for the job-market in various fields, what should you be aware of in a multinational firm, how to begin a start-up, where to gain funds and what do people actually do in their offices in various fields? We believe it is crucial to know fully what each company can provide its employees and the administration that lies within each company or enterprise.

Our vision

The dream we wish to achieve is simple. Whenever someone goes abroad as a student or expat, whenever someone is ahead of a new career, whenever there is uncertainty regarding your studies or struggle to make ends meet or concerned about finances –  we wish to establish ourselves as the helping hand on the web. Times International dreams of becoming the number one media platform for consulting and guiding its readers to alleviate their difficulties and enlighten our dear readers about what they are facing all the way from high school, to university to their first job.


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