Robert Kormoczi

Do you have a story, firsthand account, valuable information or photos about a news story to pass along to our editors? Do you feel like your article can find an audience of its own in relation to our topics?

write and publishAt Times International we are actively looking for new and interesting content, unsolicited opinion and international news pitches to share with our readers. Currently with 4000 monthly readers, we can help your work reach a considerable audience. Writers should familiarise themselves with our content before contacting us.
  • Our articles and blogs range between 300 – 1000 words.
  • In a typical week, we receive many submissions. Please make sure you understand the kinds of content  we prefer and include a brief explanation of why your pitch is an important one.
  • If you have a compelling local or international story, it should also be framed in such a way that is relevant to readers across the country. 
  • We address a wide range of topics from Politics, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Tech. 
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