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What are the most-streamed songs on Spotify?

A collection of Spotify’s top has always been a public interest of musicians, fans, and record studios. And with Spotify’s top list, we can get a glimpse into the most listened songs in the world.

shape of youAccording to Forbes, the most-streamed song in the world is by Ed Sheeren, “The Shape of You.” Ever since its release in 2017, it has barely dwindled in popularity. By late 2018, it is the only song that has collected about 2 billion streams (and counting.) An even more amazing number of views can be found on Youtube, where he currently has more than 4.8 billion as of May 2020. The track debuted at No. 1 in a number of countries, including the U.S. and the U.K, establishing itself as one of the longest-running leaders. Sheeran’s biggest hit to date only needed about six months to earn its first billion streams on Spotify at the time.

Ed Sheeran Youtube

This astounding number, according to MNE, has collected £7 million in Spotify royalty for Ed Sheeran by 2020. However, because of copyright disputes, his royalties have been withheld. Right behind Shape of You is Post Malone’s Rockstar and ‘One Dance’ by Drake (ft. Wizkid and Kyla), streamed 1.8 billion times, making £6 million.

So far, there have only been 79 songs that have passed 1 Billion streams.

The artists or musician with the most singles in the top 100 is Justin Bieber with 8 of his songs (4 as lead singer.) Right behind him is Post Malone with 6 and Duo Lipa with 3 singles.

The Top 10 most-streamed songs till today are the following:

  1. Shape of You, Ed Sheeran 2,5 billion
  2. Rockstar Post Malone ft 21 Savage 1,9 billion
  3. One Dance Drake ft Wizkid and Kyla 1,8 billion
  4. Closer, The Chainsmokers ft Harley 1,7 billion
  5. Dance Monkey, Tones and I 1,55 billion
  6. Thinking Loud, Ed Sheeran 1,54 billion
  7. God’s Plan, Drake 1,53 billion
  8. Sunflower, Post Malone and Swae Lee 1,49 billion
  9. Havana Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug 1,44 billion
  10. Perfect, Ed Sheeran 1,42 billion

The end-of-decade charts are presumably skewed towards more recent songs. That is because of the growth in Spotify’s user-base and the growth in its premium users. The number of users had just reached 7 million in 2009, but now boasts with 276 million active users in April 2020, of which 113 million are paid subscribers.

Spotify feature

So now we know that the most-streamed song on Spotify is by the unshaken Shape of You. But what about the most-streamed album? Apparently it still belongs to Sheeran’s “÷ album with 9.08 billion streams as of its release on March 3rd, 2017.

Seems like the music industry has some work to do to claim the hearts of its fans.

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