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The Jobs of the Future

The future is exciting! And the job market is changing faster than ever before.


By 2021 the world population will reach 7.8 billion and counting. Evidently, the job market is constantly changing. The demand for new skills is expanding due to the fast changes at the turn of the decade. Because of disruptive technologies, climate change, advanced robotics, natural resource limitations, aging population, and green energy, the world is changing. And it is being shaped towards the careers needed for the future.

If you’re a student or a career starter, it means that exciting prospects are abounding across various emerging and developing industries. Entrepreneurialism, connectivity, and the human touch expected to be a big part of the future career mix.

health professionals in demand

Aging populations, high investments in the health sector means health professionals will be in high demand as always. Up to 40% more health and community service professionals will be needed by 2021, especially in emerging and third world countries. The biggest healthcare companies like UnitedHealth Group alone serves 50 million people. Because of the low numbers of health professionals, another 21.5% more medical scientists will be needed by 2021. Studying Clinical Science, Medicine, Nursery or Public Health has never been this high in demand.

data protection services
Information Technology

The demand for IT professionals will increase by up to 26.5% by 2021 in the USA alone. These numbers will, of course, drag the world with it. Job estimates for Computer Software Engineers are known to increase 34% for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, meanwhile, tech giants with vast data research and data analysis will have a soaring 24% increase for graduates with Bachelor’s degree and/or work experience.

According to QS University rankings, the cost of cyber-attacks estimated to exceed $1 billion a year in Australia alone. With conflicts between the world’s superpowers, trade-wars, and data security services, cybersecurity experts are in demand worldwide. In the past five years, demand for intelligence and policy analysts has grown by 21.4%, where multiple companies like HP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and many more are on the look for these skillsets.

With technology becoming increasingly pervasive – medical implants, self-driving electronic vehicles, and smart cities – the possibilities for carving out an interesting career in this field are vast and exciting. Investors are constantly on the lookout out for the next big invention or the next Silicon Valley of ideas.

marketing strategy discussions
Creative, media and marketing professionals

More advertising and marketing professionals will be needed by 2021. Of course, advertising will transfer itself from the common Television, radio, newspaper form and follow a continuous process for digitalization. Digital advertising will continue growing. Promotional advertisements and messages delivered through email, social media websites, online advertising on google search engines, banner ads on mobile or Web sites and affiliates programs. There will be a higher demand for professions like Online Community Management, SEO specialist, App Developer, Web Analyst, UX Designer.

mathematical calculations
Mathematical jobs will flood listings websites

Now, this might seem like a broad term, since mathematics can include any kind of work environment from quantitative sciences to macro-economics. But in general, when crunching through the numbers, companies in the financial sector like Morgan Stanley or banks like Citi are having head hunters to search for new talents.

Accounting and finance graduates have constantly increased and will grow by another 22% by 2021. Demand for actuaries, mathematicians, and statisticians will boldly increase, however, these numbers are somewhat ambiguous due to the vast array of possibilities. There is no doubt that companies will continue to expand as long as no economic obstacles or external factors drag them down. If 2021 is not the year of the next global financial crisis, the job market will continue to expand as it did in the past few years.

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