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“I Hate Greta Thunberg” 

If you came here to support the title statement continue reading. You might get offended or perhaps learn a thing or two about yourself. If you thought this was just a click-bait welcome to an amateur attempt of an article on broadening your perspectives. 

Present-day activism on climate change has taken a turn when Greta Thunberg, now a 16-year-old, started yelling at us. All of us, and bravely so on political figures always so caught up with their acting in a play “running the world”. This triggered a spectrum of emotions because she’s not just yelling about climate change (that is obviously even past the red alert), but she’s also calling us out for our ignorance and neglect. This goes against every human, in theory, because of our selfish human nature. Whenever we get called out for something it triggers all of our defense mechanisms. Especially if someone points out something that deep down we know is true. And in philosophical approaches, human nature is something not changeable. Kinda like it’s rooted in our DNA. Which is honestly, personal opinion though – a bunch of baloney. We control our actions and emotions and we refuse to change in this sense because we like to think our way is always right. 
But it’s not just that she is attacking people for their capabilities, in a way, that is affecting us on a psychological level. “Dr Lertzman argued Greta is so triggering for many, because human understanding of climate change is inherently psychological”. Naturally, we are not used to the idea of the cataclysm we’ve been hearing about a lot for the past few years. The way we perceive the news about environmental changes and develop awareness about the problems is surfacing many mixed emotions we would describe as bad. Such as rage, sadness, helplessness, but also a created conflict and a dilemma to how we actually feel. We weren’t taught how to cope with this. Most of us were taught about global warming as some abstract term that is existing but is far from current reality. 
That’s why so many of us tend to get angry and dare to bad-mouth a sixteen-year-old girl. Attack is the best defense, right? (No.) Although, one of the aspects of your anger towards her is actually contributing to her cause. By keeping the masses angry she’s challenging the leaders to try to fix it because it puts the additional pressure on the governments. The way to get people less angry is by “shutting her up”, and the only way she’ll do it is when the governments actually do what she’s asking – take the climate crisis as a priority. 
The most often types of “haters” I saw so far:
  1. “Oh no Greta, how dare you to call me out! I’ve been doing so much in regard to this matter even before you were born!”.
  2. “Oh no Greta, how dare you! I’m a dominant middle-aged white male and I know what I’m doing”. 
  3. “Climate change is not real, duh”. 
  4. “Poor child has mental problems, she’s just crazy”.
  5. “She’s just complaining! Why doesn’t she plant a tree?!”
  6. All combined.
  7. Donald Trump trying to be sarcastic.
So, when you read this, maybe laugh a bit, I hope you also stop and think for a second. She is just a girl. She doesn’t have the opportunity to contribute with action in the way you expect her to. Not all of us can or want to be engineers and do science. I’m not saying that I love hearing her constant complains and disturbing speeches, but it’s serving its purpose. More importantly, she is shaping the generations to come. In terms of comments about her having mental illness while actually being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (probably developing mental disorders now because of these types of reactions among people)… It is a whole different article I wanna write about soon. In the meantime try Googling it before putting it in a witty tweet. And for those of you saying she’s just complaining – what are you doing besides creating a paradox? Go plant a tree and step out of your ego trip.

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