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How to Build an Audience? – 10 Must Know Tips

Building an audience from scratch is one of the hardest tasks for anyone. Especially if you are considered a nobody. Here are ten ways to help you build an audience and establish a meaningful impact on them.

As you might know, you’ve probably heard of a couple of solutions to get started building your brand or popularity through an audience. Some are technical, some are marketing related and some are social where you have to go out and network with people.

It doesn’t happen overnight that you become a recognized name in the industry. But by following these tips, you can get a portion of your market’s or niche’s attention.

Build A WordPress Website

The first tip is the most common way for anyone to reach thousands of people, by building a website.  I know this sounds challenging. But believe it or not, you can create your own website in a few minutes if you go to a hosting company like It can be done quickly and easily.

But why should you bother?

With a website, you are not only able to have a platform to share your own content (written, vocal and video) but your followers can get to know you. People can Google search you, your content will appear in Google images and you can actively promote what you are doing.
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Having your own website might require dedication and some work, but the pay off is immense. You can choose your company name for free and get your domain online quick and super easy. The only downside is that you have to pay a yearly plan, which is about €65.23 for a year OR €129.91 for 3 years.

There are of course other hosting platforms I would recommend. It really depends on what you’d like and how much you’re willing to spend.

Here are three other web hosting companies to help you start your own website in minutes.

  • HostGator — They also offer a monthly payment plan (which helps if you’re starting your website on a budget). HostGator ranks amongst the largest hosting companies, now powering over 8 million+ websites around the world.
  • Kinsta — This is probably the best hosting solution on the market. But that is why they are expensive! Kinsta provides premium managed hosting with a focus on solely WordPress websites. They are top-notch and perhaps the best in the world. Their cheapest package starts at $30 per month. They do offer a demo version and a month of free trial.

Just think about it! With a personal website, you can promote your business, your skills and talents through content like articles, videos, reviews, and blog posts. This might take some time, since producing these is time-consuming. But quality content ranks well on Google. And it can help you reach out to thousands of people. You can also save hundreds of euros or dollars on advertising fees for agencies or online ads.

The downside: you need to put in the extra work and be patient. But I have assembled a complete tutorial to help you make your articles receive traffic and stand out from the crowd.

Medium and Linkedin


Medium is one of the most popular free-for-all publishing platform launched in 2012. It is a website where you can build an audience or import an article if you have written one on your website and share it with the world. You can get followers or follow others. The main idea is to provide quality content as always.

You can publish anything on any given topic. But be aware that nonsense usually gets a warning or removed. Occasionally someone from Medium checks your articles and highlights certain flaws, but its there to help.

Linkedin is also a great place to build an audience. The reason why it’s so great is that the chances of specific content to go viral is much higher than any other social media platforms. How so? When Linkedin users like something, it will pop up on their feed and their connections can interact with it. Furthermore, the lifespan of Linkedin posts are relatively long compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Linkedin has a “Write an article” option where you can design the layout of your articles, insert images and videos. It is also a completely free and easy solution to share written content or even videos.

Use Social Media as a Business Venture


Having a Business Page for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are more important than ever before. If your content is attractive and pragmatic people will like, share, and comment. The aim is to create engaging content or stories that your audience can relate to or find valuable info. Every comment or share you receive boosts your post’s visibility. Linkedin is my favorite. It is particularly good since every like is the equivalent of a Facebook share.

Be aware of the different niches that get promoted on these social media platforms. Make sure that you focus your energy on the right social media platform. Don’t overuse the ones that fall short of your audience’s interest. For example, don’t use goofy videos for Linkedin, or very technical stuff on Facebook. (Unless you have a very techie audience.)

  • Facebook: Entertainment, fun, hot topics, cooking, travel, social issues.
  • Linkedin: Business, economics, investment, career, university
  • Twitter: latest news, updates, opinions, feuds
  • Instagram: travel, fitness, health, nude imagery (yes, I said it right.)

Should I pay for Social Media impressions and followers?

Paid content on social media performs alright… as long as you keep paying. Unlike with websites, paid content on social media gets clicks instantly. This is their business model. My suggestion is to try certain Facebook Campaigns to a certain point. But don’t overdo it.

After receiving a few thousand likes or followers, you should stop pumping credit. Having a few thousand likes on social media is a good indicator for many visitors that you have an existing audience. But make sure that the audience is engaging and that they give some likes, comments, or shares. Otherwise, a page with thousands of followers receiving no interactions might seem fake.


man listening to music

There are times when booking a place, attracting people to go out, or just want to reach out to a more introverted audience is necessary. A webinar is perfect, exclusively by an online audience. You can announce an event on social media, or on your website.

This usually requires lectures, seminars, or teaching something completely new. So a webinar might be the perfect way to challenge what you already know.

In February 2020, I prepared a webinar that addressed women on the topic of digitalization. It reached out to 7,500 people and got more than 400 respondents. Webinars are a great way to target a specific range of people and invite them to attend.

Online Communities on Social Media

Times international writers

Create a Public Facebook or Linkedin Group and start inviting people you know. This way you can build an audience by yourself without needing any technical knowledge. In the beginning it will be your social media connections.

Later you can create an email campaign through your website, where people can sign up. (See, another benefit for a website.)

If you don’t want to bother with building a website or engaging in an email campaign, for the time being, it is completely fine. In that case, you can resort to asking your friends to invite their friends to join you. Given that you provide some sort of value for them, the word will spread faster.

Join Multiple Communities yourself

This is the moment where you need to play the extrovert and crawl out of your comfort zone.

An alternative way to build your audience is to join communities, both in real life or online. This is an easier way to engage with people by applying to someone else’s community, like a popular person/organization or an influencer’s community. You can comment or share your own thoughts with like-minded people. At the end, if you’ve provided some sort of value to this community, you can share a link or info about your own business or yourself.

Create Events on


Meetup is perhaps one of the best platforms to join or host events that are close to your circle of interest. If you live in big cities, chances are, there is an event related to your interest right now.

The aim of Meetup is to nurture a community that you can revisit in the future. Therefore I’d advise you to sign up for some of these events and meet with likeminded people. Who knows, you might land a colleague or partner to do business with. It is quite easy to sign up and people are usually welcoming.

Provide Free Stuff

Everyone appreciates free and useful content, as long as they know something’s value. This is also a good starting point. While you are a lesser-known name in your industry, it is important to keep on giving to your audience. This principle has helped many people and it will help you too. People just love the word FREE. If you don’t have a product, you can always give free advice or consultancy to people.

Word-of-mouth of cool services is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

Build your audience through Video Content

Youtube options

Everyone loves good videos. Kurzgesagt or Pewdiepie are fan favorites and have amassed billions of views.

But in reality, very few people start making them. Even I feel skeptical when it comes to talking to a camera, watching myself over and over again as I edit everything. The first few videos made me cringe. But even I got used to them while editing over time.

If you have a website but get no readers or page visitors I have created a detailed beginner’s guide to help you get started your Youtube videos. Making high ranking content that gets a large search volume with little competition is the key to attracting page viewers, followers, and readers.

Keyword Optimization for search queries

Researching a keyword is the act of finding and getting specific words to target an audience through an article you publish and want people to find on Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo etc. I have a complete guide below that will explain everything you need to know and get started. 🙂 This is perhaps the most important strategy to use when you want to build an audience. Know what people search for… is there a market for the content you’d like to provide to your audience?

The idea behind this is to find words or content that people search for in search engines. So you know how many people are interested in your idea. And at the same time, it shows how many people have already talked about that specific idea. So you will know the competition you will face.

And… There you have it. 10 ways to build an audience from scratch. But to recap on everything, there is one very important concept that surpasses all the others. The true secret to building an audience from scratch lies in one simple idea.

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