Foap – Make Money Selling your Photos

Foap is a money earning application made for those with a creative eye and a good phone in their hands. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just whip out your phone. However it would be good to chisel your skills and have a good quality smartphone in your possession.
The procedure is simple. With the Foap App, you have something called “Missions” where freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs or big companies will tell you what kind of photo or video they are looking for and if you decide to take on that “Mission” and your photo/video is selected, you could earn quite a big sum. To get started, simply download the free smartphone app from Apple’s Itunes Store or Google Play. After filling out your profile information, you will then be required to rate five photos with one to five stars before you can upload any of your own photos. Once you upload a photo and create relevant tags, license, and description, other Foap users will rate your photo. All photos, even below 2.5 star rating are now available in the Foap Marketplace for sale.
Simply follow the Mission brief and upload one or multiple videos or pictures that reflect what kind of imagery a specific company is after.
Sounds easy right? Well, it is indeed a great way to make a few bucks by uploading your pictures instead of leaving them just on instagram… but it won’t guarantee riches.

How Much Does Foap Pay?

Foap sells your photos for $10 each and pays you $5. The good news is that you can sell photos over and over again as many time as you’d like. Foap pays users only by PayPal for sold photos at the end of the month. Users will need to cash out their earnings before the 15th of the month to receive payment at month’s end or they will have to wait another month. Foap also has contests and missions where users submit certain photos matching the requested criteria. Winners can earn over $100.

Very Important!

There are certain criteria for making money through Foap. First you MUST have a Smartphone otherwise you cannot upload pictures or sell them. Secondly you MUST have a Paypal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will have to set one up and go through the process of attaching and verifying your bank account information with PayPal. Transferring money from PayPal to your bank account takes 1-3 days, which means you will have to wait even longer to get access to your cash.

In conclusion, this app is there to help you make a few bucks, ranging to $5 to around $100 if you are good and dedicated. Since Foap only pays users $5 per sold photo, you can be sure it won’t pay your bills. But it’s worth a shot, knowing you can buy an extra thing or two if you enjoy taking pictures or sharing your travel photos or videos with a company.

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