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Becoming a Digital Shaper

At Times International, we wish to enlarge the digital mindset and creativity of people and organizations through the internet. Become part of the digital transformation.

Who are the Digital Shapers?

Digital Shapers are community members with various interests and expertise that come under a single purpose.

Imagine you are a struggling artist or student or an entrepreneur that wants to bring his or her idea online and share it with the right audience, market your brand, and make money online.

This is perhaps the first step of becoming a digital shaper when someone aspires to bring positive change to others in the online world.

How to become a Digital Shaper?

Join the Digital Shapers

Literally, anyone can become a Digital Shaper!

Artists, students, businessmen, politicians, graduates, entrepreneurs. You only need a passion and a message that brings value to people and satisfies search intent online.

In order to join the ranks, it is advisable for a Shaper to have an online domain. If you don’t have one yet, we’d recommend creating one today through different hosting services like Bluehost, Siteground, or Dreamhost. It is entirely up to you how you try to build your web domain or online brand. But we’d like to help either way!

Times International Ebooks
Click on the image to download one of our tutorials!

Times International has several FREE guides to help you start an online domain or channel whether it is a personal website, a Youtube channel, an online business, an eCommerce page, an agency site, or a website to share your passion and work with the rest of the world.

What are the perks?

Just like most communities, we are here to help, share, and encourage one another.

  • We have several complete and free guides to help you get started!
  • Our community is open to help you whenever you are stuck or wish to share your work.
  • We are open to guest articles to help promote your content and link to your page.
  • We host networking sessions mainly in Budapest and Copenhagen.
  • Weekly tips and know-how on how to build your brand, influence an audience online, and become a market leader online!

Still uncertain? Take the first step and “Join our Facebook Community!”

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