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Our Mission

Times International focuses business driven and tech oriented topics to become a digital pioneer in the modern world.

Our key role is to create informative content for our audience to help them receive pragmatic and interest reads about various IoT.

The Digital Age

What make us different?

Our work tries to make itself fulfilling and fun – and it is becoming more and more digital.


We focus on our readers and their career interest. That is why everything we do is for our visitors. Our free books, articles and community is build to help and entertain you!

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Our Core Values

The emphasis of our content is deeply rooted within providing evergreen content on modern day topics around:

  • The business world
  • Innovation and technology
  • Career and education

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Become a digital shaper and become a member of a growing community that aims to lead an industry. As a digital shaper you get given free knowledge and feedback on how to bring your passion to life using technology to expand your audience and bring change to your industry.