The TIA is a volunteer program that recruits young talents in order to become a voice of our times and generations. Twice every year, we select our ambassadors to help them become the leaders of their community, to guide and endorse them for their future career. We provide the tools and resources for our ambassadors to be successful and help them be set on a career path they aspire to achieve.

You will be part of a growing organisation with members in various locations around the world,

After a three month membership, you will be given a reference letter for participation

If you are a student at a school, university or a job starter, we will endorse you for your effort

An introduction to global issues by our professionals and brief course on media based studies and digital marketing

We help you establishing a strong online and academic profile

Please feel free to contact us with your resume and motivation letter

2020 Spring Application opens:

1st of March until 1st of April

2020 Autumn Application opens:

1st of September until 1st of October