A small group of people came together to discuss potential responses to the state of challenges young adults face. Inspired to take action at a time of uncertainty, this small team has grown organically since our first gathering. It is a diverse team of people with a global perspective, each of whom bring a multitude of skills and professional experience, mixed with a common purpose of creating a community infrastructure to guide and consult today’s youth.


Robert Kormoczi

Founder and CEO

Akos Bogathy

Akos Bogathy

Head of Visual Designs

Ákos started pursuing his education as both finance and management student at Corvinus University of Budapest. He gained professional experience at KPMG’s management consulting branch. Currently he is the Head of Visual Design at Times International Ltd.

Milena Jaćimović

Head of Operations

Part-time customer support technician fixing people’s TVs in two languages.

Unrealized musician. Currently studying the field of love no. 2.

Full-time BA Sociology student at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Overtime president of an international student organization facilitating student integration.

Lifetime learner with a knack for languages, passion for photography and awesome impersonation skills.

Tamara Pavlović

Content Manager

Change is the only way to progress.
International Relations student, looking for new challenges and experiences.
Currently leading the HR department of an international student organization helping students to
integrate within the magic that Budapest life offers.
Always trying to be creative and express the need for change. Taking bold opportunities helps
you discover yourself.
Don’t be afraid to be lost, if you think you’re not – you are not letting yourself grow.

Cora Sun

Visual Content Developer

Anita Seprenyi

Team Coordinator

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